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The Ephemeral Verisimilitude of a Poison Girl

12 February 1978
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My biographies are always lazy attempts left lacking. I am not a scholar, nor a philosopher. I simply tend to contemplate the details a bit too much at times, usually either to distract myself from or exacerbate my emotional turmoil. I am, for the most part, a hermit as is my sweet boyfriend. I enjoy the company of friends, but also appreciate the value of my isolation. I prefer things that are random and interesting. I have been studying Finnish for a couple of years now in the hopes of immigrating to Finland and teaching English there at university level.

I am consistently inconsistent and unconditionally inadequate, but I mean well. I strive to be kind and considerate. I am foul-mouthed. I am addicted to pornography and hot sauce, but never together. I bleach my freckles. I am not capable of linear thought when my emotions are involved. Politics give me chest pains, but I cannot help but obsess. I enjoy photographing protests, skateboarders and others belonging to the societal undercurrent.

My favorite word in any language: CUNT.